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Why Wiser Leadership is Essential

Breakthrough thinking

Wisdom is key to breakthrough thinking to solve increasingly complex global problems to meet current and future leadership challenges. 
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Quest for purpose

Wisdom is key to leading a meaningful life.
Stakeholders are on a quest for more purpose and meaning in life expecting their leaders to take wiser decisions. Read more

(Re)gaining trust

Wisdom is key to (re)gaining trust. 
Stakeholders show a structurally declining rate of trust in their leaders requiring leaders to rebuild their trust in a truthful way.

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Inspirational Leadership & Wisdom 

Our Executive Program for Inspirational Leadership & Wisdom will support your next step in upgrading your leadership skills to a more advanced level. This advanced level is also called leadership from the inside out. We call it wiser leadership for experienced leaders. 

Our innovative program will challenge you to go beyond strategic leadership, as it integrates aspects of governance, entrepreneurship, communication, psychology, arts, spirituality, and Eastern and Western philosophy, enriched with senior leadership experience, and backed up by international research.

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In this in-depth and inspiring step-by-step program, Daniel Le Gras confronts executive leaders as mildly as wisely with themselves. I highly recommend these masterclasses to all leaders!

Em. Prof. Dr. W. Janse • Religion and Public Policy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Wiser Leadership from around the World

​There is a fast growing demand for wiser leaders worldwide. But in most executive development programs wisdom is eather ignored or considered a skill too difficult to teach. 

We believe more wisdom is essential for all leaders. Therefore, it is the #1 leadership quality to develop today and in the decades to come. Wisdom is a central quality as many wiser leaders from around the world have demonstrated. We invite you to watch some examples in video 1. 

Our excutive program will show you different perspectives on wisdom and how to put wisdom into practice in your leadership role. As a starter, we invite you to watch a few examples in video 2 (below) of what we can learn from wiser leadership from around the world.   

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What our Program will bring you

On completion of our program, you will be a wiser leader who: 

1. Has a deeper level of self-knowledge, a higher level of self-mastery, and a greater insight into the role of wisdom to create breakthrough leadership thinking in your organization or administration. 

2. Is able to lead from the inside out, (re)gain your stakeholders’ trust, and inspire them to co-create more purpose and meaning at work. 

3. Has created a more open and reflective mindset inspired by the spiritual center of your being enabling you to take wiser decisions, and co-create with your stakeholders a more meaningful organization or society.

This applies to leaders of both public and private organizations, administrations, and associations, in both formal and informal leadership roles.

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